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River Bluff Varsity - 5A State Cheer

RBHS 5A Cheer @ State (Front View) 11-19-16 cpr

Battle at the Bluff - Teams & Awards

Awards and Misc.@ Battle of the Bluff at River Bluff 10-17-2016 (EAW)

River Bluff Varsity - Battle at the Bluff

RBHS-Varsity Cheer-Battle at the Bluff-10/16/17

River Bluff JV - Battle at the Bluff

Battle of the Bluff at River Bluff (River Bluff JV) 10-17-2016 (EAW)

River Bluff Varsity - Silver Fox Invitational

RBHS Var @ Silver Fox 10-15-16

River Bluff JV - Silver Fox Invitational

RBHS JV @ Silver Fox 10-15-16

Meadow Glen Middle - Silver Fox Invitational

MedGlen MS @ Silver Fox 10-15-16

Wildcat Cheer Classic Awards

Lexington Cheer, Before and Awards, 10-1-2016

River Bluff Varsity - Wildcat Classic

Lexington Cheer, RBHS Varsity, 10-1-2016

River Bluff JV - Wildcat Classic

Lexington Cheer, River Bluff JV 10-01-2016 (EAW)

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